WiMAX dongles now available for students with Macs

Shaina James

MacBook users can now pick up dongles allowing them to access NMU WiMAX.

The WiMAX dongles arrived at NMU in the beginning of December after many students requested them. However, only 195 out of 830 dongles have been picked up by MacBook users.

NMU had WiMAX dongles for Macs, but the only worked on the Windows side of the Mac, unlike the new ones which work for the Mac part.

Chief technology officer Dave Maki encourages all MacBook users to pick up their free WiMAX dongles.

The white USB modems are available to any NMU students and faculty who have NMU MacBooks. Before connecting to WiMAX using these dongles, users must install software using instructions available on Micro Repair’s website.

The dongles can be checked out and must be returned when user is done attending Northern. They can be picked up at Micro Repair, which is opened Sunday through Friday.