NMU student ‘confession’ site launch successful

Dan Jemison

The new, revitalized and now national website “taccd” successfully launched Wednesday Jan. 29, now making it possible for students all across the country to dispose of their confessions in a new, easy manner.

Inspired by the highly acclaimed “NMU Confessions,” the student-created program got it’s feet off the ground after some bumps in the road that led to a few push backs.

One of the four founders of the site, and lead designer, John Tamburino noted the creation of a big site like this takes time and needs the right pieces in the right places.

“The delay was due to the amount of programming,” Tamburino said. “Sites like these take time, and we had to make sure everything was stable enough for launch.”

Another of the site’s designers, sophomore mechanical engineer major Curtis Liedel said how difficult it was to find committed workers for the project.

“We had a problem finding coders,” Liedel said. “Not a lot of people followed through and we had a lot of miscommunication. We even tried outsourcing the coding to other people but the opportunities just kept falling through.”

Although delayed, Tamburino said he and his team felt the launch was successful and so far feedback has been well-received.

“I believe the launch date was a success,” Tamburino said. “We reached over 200 accounts in just two days. We’re eager to see the growth and the potential this site holds.”

All team members, including sophomore mechanical engineering major John Grassmyer, said they know the full potential of the site and the possibility to become a fun resource for college students to browse and search to see how their college stacks up against the others.

“I personally felt like this site was going to be a gradual growth,” Grassmyer said. “Just based on the fact it’s hard to get the word out there, but we’re all optimistic that accounts will be on a steady rise.”

According to Liedel and Grassmyer, the way the site works is one can go on and create an account for free. From there students can request their school to be shown so the rest of the country can see what students are up to.

“We’re trying to list the top schools in each state, for popularity reasons, of course,” Liedel said. “But if any school wants to join we have no problem adding them.”

With the original idea based on trends on sites like Twitter and Facebook, taccd is looking to put their stamp on the social media market. With the site still in beta testing, the members are waiting to see what further glitches arise in order to make the site fully functioning.

With new customizable dashboards, interactive forums and aesthetic touches for easier mobile use, the site is looking to move out of beta and become fully functional.

For more information, visit www.taccd.com