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Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Dallas WiertellaApril 30, 2024

Attacker provokes police warning on Campus

Students fear walking on campus at night

Any students with information regarding the attack on campus near the Payne and Halverson courtyard are asked to call campus public safety at (906) 227-2151 or to reach out in person at the Services Building.


A female student who was stalked by an unknown man and assaulted while walking to her dorm Wednesday night, Sept. 17, led Northern Michigan University Public Safety to issue its first ever “Timely Notice” mass email to students and staff.

Public Safety sent the warning on Friday, Sept. 19, detailing the assault, which occurred about 9:30 p.m. near the Payne and Halverson Courtyard.The assailant, who was reported to have been wearing a hoodie, grabbed the student twice, the second time swiping her face.

A photo of the victim, viewed by The North Wind, showed three long streaks across the student’s cheek. Public Safety Director Michael Bath said the student was initially reluctant to make the report.

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This was the message sent out to Students and Faculty on Friday Sept. 17.

Her dorm resident assistant was supposedly off-duty at the time and it was only after encouragement from her friends did she agree to file the report.Bath said if the student had immediately reported the attack, his office would have issued an immediate Alert, which indicates urgent danger to students.

After two days had passed, Bath and Assistant Director Jeffrey Mincheff said they felt there was no immediate danger and decided to issue the warning.Students said they are still concerned about their safety on campus.

“I think it is bad, horrible. I feel like it’s not good that happened,” Melanie Homik, athletic training major, said. “Now more people are going to be scared just walking back from class. I don’t like walking in the dark by myself, even though this campus is kind of lit up.”

Another student who lives in Payne Hall said she heard people talking about the attack. Hannah Danforth, sophomore art and design major, is a transfer student from Western Michigan University. Danforth said it wasn’t unheard of for somebody to get mugged right outside a dorm at Western, but at NMU such an attack was unexpected.

“Here, no, not really,” Danforth said. “It’s pretty safe.” Freshman undeclared major Jessica Parker said the incident made her nervous.

“Now when I walk alone at night it freaks me out,” Parker said. “I know in Caro, Mich., where I’m from, it’s like a really small town, so like nothing happens.” The day after the attack, freshman nursing major Maddy Oberg said she had a conversation about the incident upon reporting for work at the Dome.

“We were all made aware of the situation so I think that’s good that everyone’s being made aware of it,” Oberg said. “Just so that we’re keeping our eyes open.” Public Safety is still investigating the case.

Any student with information is asked to contact the university police by telephone at (906) 227-2151, or in person at the Services Building. Michael Boro, a freshman psychology major, is a resident of Payne Hall.

Boro said the assault hasn’t been on his mind. “There might be some people locking their doors more often or whatever,” Boro said. “But I don’t see it being that big of a deal, personally.”

Contributing: Katie Bultman

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