Q & A with Emma Tembreull, student artist

Clairisa Laws

Junior biology/physiology and photography major Emma Tembreull’s artwork has recently been hung at the Michigan House of Representatives in Lansing.

The North Wind’s assistant business manager Clair Laws sat down with Tembreull to discuss her artwork and inspiration.

Emma Tembreull
Emma Tembreull

North Wind: Can you explain a little bit about your artwork hung in the House of Representatives?

Emma Tembreull: Yes, the picture is of my sister walking away into a sunset. She is in a dark spruce grove, wearing a polka dot dress. The dress is to represent her youth, in a sense. My sister has roots around her and from a sentimental perspective, the roots serve as a medium and represent my mom because she weaves baskets.

NW: What message does the artwork portray?

ET: The message I try to get across is that moving on in life is beautiful.

NW: How/what is your relationship with photography?

ET: I started photography when I got my first Canon Rebel at the age of 16. From there I started doing senior pictures and weddings. I didn’t start dabbling into fine arts until college. I just enjoy photography so much.

Courtesy Emma Tembreull
The photograph hanging in the Michigan House of Representatives, titled “Dawning,” represents moving on in life as beautiful and controlled.

NW: What type of photography do you enjoy?

ET: I am much more documentary in the way I photograph, especially for wedding days. I like to illustrate the story down to the tiniest details. Detail is everything to me.

NW: What do you like to capture?

ET: I am big into natural light, sunset is my favorite time. I really like to experiment and see how the nature of light and motion can affect the picture.

NW: Can you explain a little about your business that you started?

ET: Yes, I licensed it a couple years ago, though I started at 16. I do work with a lot of the professional photographers up here. My business names itself is -et images; my initials with the dash being used as if signing a letter.

NW: Do you have any future plans for your artwork and photography career?

ET: I will be featured at the 2014 Ever After Bridal Expo on Dec. 21 at the Superior Dome. Also, I am starting to book out-of-state weddings.

NW: Where do you hope to be in five years with photography?

ET: In five years, hopefully dive into destination photography and travel outside of the country.