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Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Dallas WiertellaApril 30, 2024

The Wildcat doesn’t fall far from the past

When the elevator finally reached my floor in Birch West Hall, I had two thoughts that ran through my head: either the new dorms are worth every penny that the school spent to improve the living environment for the students, or this will make no impact whatsoever, essentially money straight down the drain. When I unlocked my room with the hotel-like key fob and swung open the heavy door, I was right. It was
absolutely worth it.

The residence halls of The Woods emit a feeling of luxury because of simple room amenities like a sink separate from the bathroom, sturdy, fireproof doors and more windows.

During my first semester at NMU, I lived in Gant Hall, which only provided one window per room. Because of the single
window, very little natural light entered my room.

The new dorm rooms,
however, feature a window for each roommate so that either can adjust the light that enters their side, respectively. After my first week of living in Birch West, the increase in natural light has
already improved my mood and my sleep patterns significantly.

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Despite the great changes to our rooms, I’ve noticed some
inconveniences, primarily, the durability and soundproofing of the drywall that was used. My roommate noticed that moving-in left some bumps and scratches on the walls. If the walls are fragile, then this may be a struggle for those who like to change it up every once in awhile by rearranging
furniture. Music seems to
penetrate the walls with ease, which can make sleep difficult for those who wake up early.

Additionally, the smaller size of the rooms means that students may only have a common area within each room if they loft their beds. Otherwise, the rooms have no common area, and cannot
accommodate a couch.

Regardless of some minor
inconveniences and being very careful with where you move things, the new dorms have
provided refreshing experiences for those who live here. The
impact of the new dorms on my mental state was so immediate that when my roommate arrived I remember saying, “This year is going to be amazing.”

It may sound too good to be true, but it’s no secret that the new dorms are paving the way for a new and improved NMU. When construction is complete, NMU will have a modern feeling for the students already here and an attractive perk for students looking to come here. When The Lodge, Birch East Hall, Cedar East Hall, and the rest of the construction plans are completed, it is safe to say that life at NMU will be the best it has ever been.

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