Board of Trustees gives Erickson $50,000 bonus


Trevor Drew

NMU President Fritz Erickson was awarded a $50,000 bonus and officially approved new mission and vision statements, along with addressing other university projects at the recent Board of Trustees (BOT) meeting on Friday, Sept. 21.

The one-time bonus is nearly 20 percent of his current salary of $262,000.

“I’ve had the chance to work closely with President Erickson over the last year and I’m so impressed with his energy, vision, the hard work that he puts in and implements and his relationship with his own constituents, including faculty, students and the community,” BOT Chairman Scott Holman, who serves as chairman of the executive committee, which recommended the bonus, said.

Trustees cited the committee’s positive review of Erickson’s performance and several of his accomplishments over the past year, including a double-digit percentage increase in freshman enrollment and success with the Educational Access Network, as reasons for authorizing the incentive bonus.

The executive committee consists of Holman, Vice Chairman Robert Mahaney and trustees Steven Mitchell and Tami Seavoy. Along with the bonus, Erickson’s submitted goals for the current fiscal year were also approved.

Trustees also approved new mission and vision statements presented by Erickson, who said the statements were remaining pieces of the strategic planning process the board had yet to approve.

“[The statements] really came through a collaborative effort, working very closely with the Strategic Resource Budgeting Committee that put together a subcommittee that really took an inclusive approach to engagement,” Erickson said. “The leadership of that committee, Brent Graves and Leslie Warren, was really instrumental in leading the dialogue.”

The mission statement reads: “Northern Michigan University’s distinctive academic and career programs are nurtured by exceptional teaching and extensive opportunities for scholarship, creativity and engagement. Our supportive, connected community empowers students, graduates, faculty and staff to contribute to a diverse and sustainable world.”

The vision statement reads: “Northern Michigan University promotes an active environment to foster strong minds and bodies, inspires innovation and inclusion through community engagement, and develops leaders capable of local and global impact.”