Senior staff member says goodbye


Photo by Winter Keefer: Senior staff member Andy Slaven reflects on his time as a writer and online editor at The North Wind.

Andy Slaven

Editor’s note: The following editor is graduating and leaving his time at The North Wind with a personal goodbye column.

My journey at the North Wind began nearly two years ago, when a young and frightened individual made his way into the office to pitch his first piece.

Von, the opinion editor at the time, enjoyed the article and offered criticisms leading to its publishing a week later.

Following this, I became a staff writer, discussing politics from a classically liberal perspective and coining the persona of a crazy libertarian.

The North Wind was not always a fun walk in the park, though. My first criticism came from my piece “College minors are victims to greed not weed,” which got me a stern talking to from the Marquette County Probate Court (luckily, we have the First Amendment).

The next, more laughable experience, was my piece “Beware the power of the fed.” The only comment it received was something along the lines of “more libertarian garbage,” which earned me the butt of the jokes for the next week.

Regardless, the staff was always there to help me through the intimidating moments of journalism.

Today I write this as my farewell as online editor for The North Wind. I’m very happy to have worked with all of you and thank you for having such a brilliant impact on my experience at Northern.

Even more importantly, I have learned a lot from great people who will someday prosper in the field of professional journalism—even more so than they do now.