Firearm policy ‘absolutely works’


Sophie Hillmeyer

Northern has a zero tolerance policy regarding firearms or any other types of weapons here on campus, but that does not mean that students wishing to keep their weapons for things such as hunting or target practice need to leave them back home.

NMU Police Department (NMUPD) has a weapon policy in effect to ensure a safe and effective weapon storage. This policy allows students to keep their weapons at NMUPD encased in a legal case and can be picked up at any time, Sgt. Jon Kovar said. Once the weapon is picked up, it needs to leave campus immediately because of the zero tolerance policy.

“The office needs to be the last stop before you leave and the first stop when you get back,”
Kovar said.

A dispatcher will handle the weapon and put it in the correct storage area. Kovar added how the facility is open 24/7 so it is very easy for students to be able to retrieve and drop their weapons off and there’s significant number of students who take advantage of these services.

“This policy absolutely works,” Kovar said. “There is always someone to see and someone
to store your weapon.”

A weapon is defined as anything that is capable of firing a projectile and that includes firearms, bows, slingshots, BB guns and paintball guns, Kovar said. Most of the weapons stored at the facility belong to students who participate in hunting and other forms of target practice, he added.

“This policy gives us an avenue to safely store weapons,” Kovar said.