Communication is key: We’re giving credit where it’s due


North Wind Staff

With the state of Michigan escalating to a shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it didn’t take long for things to affect the lives of NMU students, even in the little areas no one saw coming, like dorms, dining and jobs.

This is an unprecedented time and now a huge inconvenience to many across the globe. For the majority, traveling is no longer allowed outside of essentials, and many are being questioned on their where-abouts.

Many took it upon themselves to be responsible and self-quarantine before it became a must. It’s hard, but the majority understand it’s essential in the process of moving forward.

The North Wind staff would like to give credit to President Fritz Erickson and the Board of Trustees on their decision making and effective communication since the pandemic began to wreak havoc. Since implementing beginning steps to moving classes online, their cooperation and attitude toward the pandemic brings some light to a dark situation and shows their number one priority is keeping students safe—setting a great example to the Marquette community.

They have found the balance between abiding by law and giving students the option they deserve. For example, while following the 6-feet-apart rule and carry-out for on-campus dining, they’re providing students an option to stay in their dorms, rather than being forced to go home—like other universities—which is very important for a lot of students that call NMU home. Additionally, perhaps something that was unexpectedly passed, was the approval of a room and board refund for those who felt unsafe to stay.
Mass emails are sent the moment upon updates. Not only has a webpage been created for all questions, answers and information regarding COVID-19 (, but Erickson took the time to attend a live townhall meeting online for anyone interested to view and learn more. This was an important time because we got to hear his opinion on some things as well as be included on what was being discussed.

The president and Board of Trustees have repeatedly put a strong emphasis on the idea that though the commencement ceremony is postponed, it will not be cancelled and seniors should rest assured they can still hold onto that moment they’ve worked hard to achieve.

We say thank you to all members involved in decision-making processes during this time. We understand the difficulty in changes taking place, and some of these are outside of anyone’s control, but we see that you’re doing the best you can given the options, and we appreciate the hand that has been extended out to NMU students, faculty and staff in keeping education and safety as the driving factor.