Dr. Fritz Erickson confirms Twitter account is his


Dreyma Beronja, News Editor

In light of recent social media accounts claiming to be ex-president of Northern Michigan University, Dr. Fritz Erickson, Erickson confirmed that the account recently surfacing is his.

“My Twitter account is FritzErickson15 and people are more than welcome to follow that if they have any interest,” Erickson said. “I plan to share my unvarnished opinions and insights on various things related to the university and not related to the university.”

Erickson said that FritzErickson15 is his new and active account. The only other account that was confirmed to be his was the account made by NMU marketing, EricksonFritz.

The account was made last night and responded to the Twitter account, definitely not Fritz Erickson.

“Yup this is really me and I look forward to sharing so much more when the time is right. Not sure which “obscene” deal you are referring to but you probably noticed that I was run out of the presidency without cause. More to come,” Erickson wrote. “BTW ever since I went into admin I decided to stay away from social media. I just did not feel comfortable mostly because anything I would say could be construed as a university position. Now that I only speak for myself I’m looking forward to sharing my unvarnished opinions.”