Top 20 movies and shows from my personal collection


Joleigh Martinez/NW

Ayanna Allen, Staff Writer

I ranked these on my likelihood to watch them, not upon the actual quality of the film. Considering this, I will not be taking questions or criticism because I do not care what you think. Also, you will notice that some series are lumped together and others are not…and that’s because it depended on if they shared a DVD case. Enjoy.

  1. The Ultimate Paranormal Activity Collection

An absolute steal I found in the 5$ bin at Walmart, which includes the first 6 movies. You may be sick and twisted like me, and enjoy horror films playing in the background while going about your business in broad daylight. The slow build-up to all-out chaos and terror is too hard to pass up.

  1. Dragon Hunters

I have no idea when or where I saw this movie. It is unique in all of its adventures and fantastical whimsy. The animation is subpar at best but the characters are compelling and lovable. I love nothing more than a little girl wishing to be a knight in shining armor and a bulky man who loves to knit. 

  1. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron 

If you think DreamWorks has a movie with a better soundtrack then I’d like for you to know that you are wrong. Also, I love to see relatively healthy Native representation and the addressing of animal exploitation that surpassed many other films of its time. 

  1. WALL-E

A love story between robots? Are you kidding me? Beautiful. Perfect. Wholesome. A 2008 film that cemented many children’s love and cares for the world around them. The animation and music is a whole vibe that brings undeniable joy. 

  1. Cinderella 

Not the animated one; the live-action with Ms. Lily James. Maybe I’m just in love with her but I found this movie much more compelling than the 1950 version. The costumes in this movie are absolutely phenomenal and the lessons regarding self-worth and forgiveness are impeccable. 

  1. The Age of Adaline 

Another 5$ bin steal from Walmart. Blake Lively is a beautiful and undeniably talented actor and who isn’t a sucker for a good rom-com…especially with tones of immortality and lost loves. The Age of Adaline has amazing lessons about breaking down walls when it comes to relationships; not just romantic ones. 

  1. Spongebob Squarepants: Lost in Time

A childhood favorite and this disc not only includes Dunces & Dragons but Selling Out, Funny Pants, Mermaidman & Barnacle Boy VI – The Motion Picture, Enemy-in-Law, and Patrick SmartPants. As a kid, these episodes had me nearly pissing myself and now as an adult…despite the rapid rate at which Spongebob destroys my brain cells… still has me chuckling. 

  1. Princess and the Frog

While this movie does display how awesome black women are, it really flopped in regards to the whole repeatedly making POC turn into non-human characters. Regardless, it does feature amazing musical numbers and how warm southern culture can be. Especially regarding Louis and Ray. Additionally, it is a really unique spin on the original fairytale. 

  1. IT: Chapter 1 & 2

Personally, I could not have selected a better cast for these movies. Bill Hader has my entire heart. This movie would have ranked higher had the conclusion of the second film not been: The Power of Friendship™. Nothing makes me laugh harder than killing an ancient multidimensional alien by belittling it. 

  1. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

If you’re wondering, yes this is the only Ice Age I own…and it’s the best one. Dinosaurs and glacial age animals? Nothing is better. Not to mention, the psychotic humor Buck brings to this movie is simply impeccable. 

  1. Scooby-Doo: 1 & 2 Collection

Perfect background noise for a late-night gaming session, or if you’re in a silly goofy mood…it’s great for that too. The actors in these movies are iconic and the humor is peak early 2000s humor. 

  1. Megamind

While I don’t always enjoy Will Ferrell’s movies, he is arguably one of the most iconic voice actors for animated comedies like this. The plot of this film is so bizarre and flamboyant that it has earned its place in my Top 10. 

      8. Beauty and the Beast

Again, the live-action one. This version is better for two simple reasons. 1. Emma Watson and the undeniable grace she brings to Belle’s role…and 2. The Beast’s song, Evermore. I ugly cry every single time. 

  1. Treasure Planet

I watched this movie so much as a kid that my dad had to hide it from me. If you have daddy issues but can’t stomach seeing real people process that trauma then this movie is for you. In addition, something about this movie scratches that feral itch to be a rebellious teenager if you weren’t allowed to have any negative feelings when you were growing up. 

  1. Ponyo

Singlehandedly the cutest Studio Ghibli film of all time. It has a whimsical, child-like animation to it with its bright colors and odd-looking characters. Not to mention, the late Betty White voices a character in the English version if you’re feeling in the mood to pay homage. 

  1. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

An end to an era. DreamWorks put their whole heart into this series and I can’t thank them enough for it. Also… Hiccup’s transformation from geeky boy to the brilliant chief of Berk? Iconic. Never been done before. Amazing. I’m in love. I’m swooning and you should be too.

  1. How to Train Your Dragon 2

The villain for this movie genuinely scared me as a 14-year old. Something about animal abuse and exploitation will do that to a sensitive teenager. The plot twist still has me shaking in my boots…even after seeing it hundreds of times. 

  1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

If you have heard Sunflower by Post Malone, you have heard the most popular song on this movie’s soundtrack…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of quality music. Give it a listen on Spotify.  In addition, Into the Spider-Verse has the most unique and eye-catching animation of any film I have ever seen. I would 14/10 recommend reading up on how animators did it: here.

  1. How to Train Your Dragon

A classic coming-of-age story. If you were the weird kid growing up, then you should see this movie. It is such a touching story about friendship, family and responsibility- not only to yourself but to your community. This is my favorite movie of all time and deserves a spot on everyone’s watchlist. 

  1. Avatar: The Last Airbender 

I don’t think I need to explain this show’s placement. This is your sign to watch it…again.