Diversity in Disability brings awareness to epilepsy

Graphic courtesy of Kelsey Clark
Graphic courtesy of Kelsey Clark

Every month, the NMU student organization Diversity in Disability chooses a disability to shine a light on to spread awareness. On Dec. 9 at 10 a.m. Diversity in Disability is hosting an epilepsy awareness fun run/walk at the Superior Dome.

The educational awareness event will be a one mile walk and 5k run option. There will be over $200 in raffle prizes, activities afterward and t-shirts for sale. Everyone who attends is encouraged to wear purple and donate. Half of the proceeds will go to the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan.

Dana Hinckley is a third-year student at NMU and president of Diversity in Disability. As president, she is being reached out to for help from other students with disabilities.

“I am diagnosed with ADHD, so that is what kind of what made me join this group because I never was open about it as a kid, and then I was invited to this group,” Hinckley said. “And I was like, maybe this is my chance to open up a little bit and just kind of relate to other students.”

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The event is designed to not only get NMU students involved, but also for the Marquette community to do so as well. Future participants can register on the Hub.

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