Special Events Committee to host a WinterFest open skate

Students can dress as their favorite music genre and skate at Lakeview Arena.
Courtesy of Ali Deutsch
Courtesy of Ali Deutsch

Every year, the NMU Special Events Committee (SEC) hosts WinterFest, a series of events held at the start of the winter semester. The events are meant to boost morale and provide opportunities to socialize and get involved as temperatures drop. This year, the SEC decided to host an open skate as their first event, which will take place at Lakeview Arena on Friday, Jan. 26.

From 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., students can skate with rental skates or bring their own and are encouraged to dress as their favorite music genre. With a variety of different decades to pick from, the outfits worn could be endless. No registration is required for the event, but rental skates are limited.

“Skating events at the beginning of winter are always very popular,” said Lauren Duvalle, secretary of SEC. “It’s relatively laid-back, and an easier type of event to put on. I’m interested to see what people dress up as, and which genre tends to dominate the others.”

Many believe that it is important to become active in the community, especially in the heart of winter. As the first event of many to come during WinterFest, students can become involved by simply putting on skates.

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