Kicking off spring with new moves: SEC hosts line dancing

STEP BY STEP — Students take their time learning each step of the first song in the workshop portion of the event.
STEP BY STEP — Students take their time learning each step of the first song in the workshop portion of the event.
Amelia Kashian

A wave of heat hit people stepping into the ballroom on March 22. Rows of people filled the room to each of its corners, aligned side by side and facing the front. As the line dancing instructor led the students, each one swayed in the same directions.

A few minutes in, and music began to play. Many students had learned and begun their very first line dance.

On Friday, the Special Events Committee set up water, drinks and bright lights to prepare for the line dancing event. The committee had members of the line dancing club teach moves to everyone who attended. The event began as a workshop, where the instructor gave step-by-step instructions on a dance to a specific song. Once the mass of people ran through each step a few times, a song would start playing. Each person was challenged to line dance to the quick beats of the music.

Walking into the event, Freshman Tatum Thurston had no experience line dancing before. Still, she say she decided to show up and learn new footwork with her friend amidst a busy week of studying for homework and exams.

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“It’s energizing. It’s really fun to do. You’re in a big crowd, doing all of the same things, and dancing to upbeat music,” Thurston said. “It’s a good atmosphere. You might meet people and if you don’t, it’s still a fun time.”

HANDS UP — The mass of students lay down during an interactive section of a line dance. (Amelia Kashian)

Thurston attended the event with her friend Abbey Mumbrue. She, on the other hand, had some dance experience. Mumbruwe was previously in the line dancing club and is in the hip hop club. She says her goal is to learn as many types of dancing as she can.

“[Line dancing] is great for learning new things, and trying to get out of your comfort zone,” Mumbrue said.

In the line dancing club, Mumbrue says she learned the basic steps and to twirl herself around on the ground. Both her and Thurston were two of many who could fit in perfectly with the mass of students, including with a variety of different dancing experiences .

In boots, flannel and cowboy hats, students walked out of the ballroom with flushed cheeks. Some stayed behind once the last song concluded and kept partner dancing as the crowd thinned. The songs chosen for each dance varied: “Footloose,” “Fishin’ in the Dark” and “Wagon Wheel” were a few examples.

The Special Events Committee had many options to choose from when planning to host a new event, but line dancing was what stuck. Member Brooklyn Morley thought that the event would be a unique way to bring people together.

“The line dancing club was new to this year, and we thought it would be fun and people would enjoy it,” Morley said. “The environment is so good and positive. You just get to dance, and it’s okay if you mess up, we’re just here to have fun.”

Laughter came from many who struggled to follow the instructor’s lead or when footwork was messed up, but it was all a part of the fun. After successful or unsuccessful attempts to learn dances to different songs, students left the event with a unique new experience and a smile on their faces.

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