4Reels club to host 24-Hour Film Challenge

Filmmakers of all skill levels to join the showdown and make movies in just a day.
Photo Courtesy of Heather Maurer
Photo Courtesy of Heather Maurer

Students looking for a chance to utilize filmmaking equipment and test their skills could have the chance to this week. On Friday, April 19, all NMU students are invited to partake in 4Reels Digital Cinema Club’s 24-Hour Film Challenge.

In the School of Art and Design, groups will receive the same prompt to begin their movie-making process. Any software and equipment will be available to everyone. The space can be used from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday and at noon on Saturday. The movies will be due at exactly 3 p.m.

All films will be screened on Saturday afternoon and can win a variety of different prizes. Support will be given to anyone who needs it.

“I want to provide students with an avenue to flex their creative and filmmaking muscles outside of the classroom, this is the overall goal of 4Reels,” 4Reels club President Heather Maurer said. “With this event specifically, we are hoping to reach a wide audience and hope if they have a great time, they will become regular members of our organization.”

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With ample information and assistance offered, the event is intended to give newbies a chance to learn more about digital cinema.

“I think this event is particularly great for them because they will have access to resources they otherwise might not, and since it is a group challenge, they may be grouped with those who do have experience and can teach them a lot,” Maurer said. “There will be assistance every step of the way where it is needed so this event is an awesome learning opportunity for those who don’t have experience.”

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