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The North Wind

The North Wind

The North Wind

The five accused culprits of the fictional murder line up to give their testimonies including (left to right) Alicia played by Daisy Lupa, Pirate Jim Blade played by Duncan Muter, Queen Blacks ghost played by Abby Weatherholt, Princess Ice White played by AK Ikezoe, Pandella played by Leslie Warren and Magnificent played by Taylor Meyers.

Library hosts murder mystery event for first time

Katarina Rothhorn, Features Editor October 28, 2021

Students dressed up in blood red capes, corsets, crowns and swords mingled outside of the locked library doors on Friday, Oct. 22 as the sun began to set behind them. When the doors finally opened, they...


Book review—’Unplugged’ by Donna Freitas

Madoline Plattenberg April 23, 2021
Life as humanity knows it will never be the same. Split between the app world and the real world, Unplugged by Donna Freitas encompasses the idea of living freely from the body through the mind, but at what cost?

Opinion—Book Review of Scythe By Neal Shusterman

Madoline Plattenberg April 5, 2021
Ever wondered what society would look like if it were controlled by artificial intelligence? Scythe by Neal Shusterman is a science fiction novel that is the first installment of a three part trilogy, Arc of a Scythe.
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