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BOUNCING BALLOONS - A child works on keeping a balloon in the air to win a prize, one of the many games the PSY 312 class put on.

Psychology class hosts activities for kids

Antonio Anderson March 1, 2024

Psychology students gathered at the Peter White Public Library in Marquette last Tuesday to perform an activity for kids, assessing what activities kids like engaging in. Professor Vincent Jeevar pitched...

20 SIDED DIE — My dice set for D&D, including the frequently used d20. Losing sets of dice has become a regular habit for me, as this is the third Ive bought.

Opinion — Tabletop RPGs: The nerdy poker night in college

Harry Stine November 1, 2023

The other week, I was at Iron Golem Games with a friend of mine, where I picked up a rulebook for a tabletop RPG called Mork Borg. Flipping through it, the rulebook looked like a death metal album cover...


Editorial—The youth mini-revolution in the stock market

North Wind Staff February 11, 2021
We are a generation schooled and socialized on the internet, having access to almost all of humankind’s collected knowledge and the experience of human beings all around the globe. So, perhaps it doesn’t come as a surprise for us that folks have found a way to use the internet to their advantage.

Homecoming events in full swing at Northern

Nolan Krebs September 20, 2012

Rain or shine, NMU students and alumni continue to celebrate this year’s homecoming events as the week-long event draws to a close. The celebration began for students with Sunday’s Dead River Games,...

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