With summer comes fresh food

Joe Rubingh

The Marquette’s Farmers Market begins May 19 at the Marquette Commons, offering fresh, local food for community members..

It runs from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Saturday. The farmers market features a variety of homemade and homegrown products from around the area.

Executive director of Marquette’s Downtown Development Authority Mona Lang encourages students to come down and check out the market.

“It gives students access to fresh, local foods, which in turn develops a healthier community,” Lang said.

The farmers market offers fresh produce, meats, eggs, homemade breads, jewelry, art and new this year, homemade ice cream.

“This event also gives students the chance to feel a sense of place in the community of Marquette,” Lang said.

Drake Nagel, a senior graphic design major and kitchen manager of the Upfront & Company, said he likes going to the market.

Nagel said he also appreciates how most of the farmers are personable and willing to help out.

“They have fresh ingredients that I know are good quality because they come from people that are from around the area,” Nagel said. “If you have questions about the produce or anything, they’ll answer them, or if you don’t know what something is or how to prepare it they usually have some tips and that’s always nice.”

This summer at the Upfront, Nagel plans to have a Farmers Market special every Saturday.

“We want to start trying to focus on local foods and let people get a taste of what it’s like,” Nagel said. “There’s a big difference in quality and taste from what I get at the market and what comes in on a delivery truck.”

There has been large growth in the market since it first started in 1999 when there was only one farmer.

“In 2003 we got to add the ‘s’ to our farmer and in 2007 we moved from the parking lot on the corner of Fourth Street and West Washington Avenue to the Marquette Commons,” Lang said.

Lang said she enjoys the opportunity to take part in local produce, fresh flowers and sense of community.