Opinion—Best places to see fall colors in MQ


Akasha Khalsa/NW

BEAUTY IN THE FOREST—In the fall, the forest is the best place to be. The sounds, the smells and the sights of the trees are a balm for overwork and burnout.

Akasha Khalsa, Opinion Editor

As a senior on campus, I’ve seen some lovely fall colors in Marquette, and I’d like to share some of the best places to go and see the peak colors this coming weekend. The Upper Peninsula as a whole is known as one of the best places to go to see the fall, and we’re lucky enough to be present here as the trees change and show their full, fiery hues.

One of my favorite locations, especially good for taking photos for professional headshots as well as social media posts, is the park on Presque Isle. Walking up and down the pathways on Presque Isle, you are surrounded by the beautiful reds and yellows of the maples and oaks which tower above. The lake below makes this place chilly, so bring an extra layer.

If you’re looking for somewhere to curl up in your hammock and do some class reading while enjoying the colors, one of the best places to go is Wetmore landing. If you walk down the trails which travel to the north and south, there are isolated places where you can string up your hammock and relax. Wetmore is also great for taking fall photos if you’re so inclined.

A little further on is Little Presque, another lovely place to hammock while enjoying peak colors this weekend. The shore is mostly lined with evergreen pine, but there are still some oaks and maples to be seen showing off their autumn finery.

Up for a hike? Of course, there are the popular Sugarloaf mountain trails or Dead River Falls. But other, less populated trails are also available and lined with beautiful fall trees. One of my personal favorites is the Red Pine trail to Harlow Lake, the trailhead for which is located on Big Bay Road. This trail leads to a beautiful overlook on the lake, surrounded by trees.

If you’re interested in camping, I recommend Little Garlic River. This trailhead is also located on Big Bay, and it is a bit of a hike to the best camping sites on the trail. Pack up your backpack and remember to bring a camera. The sights are gorgeous.

Have any favorite places in Marquette you’d like others to know about? Contact the Opinion Editor at [email protected].