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The North Wind

The North Wind

SKYLINE — Though the hike was tough, the view was worth the battle.

Opinion — I should have worn different shoes: hiking Hogback Mountain

Megan Poe March 21, 2024

Don’t say I never sacrificed for student journalism, because I have sapling punctures up and down my legs that prove otherwise. Last weekend, I booked out the entire day to embark on a typical outdoor...

GETTING OUTSIDE — Taking a break from studying at Pebble Beach to breathe and enjoy one of the sunnier days in Marquette (with a coffee of course).

Opinion — An in-denial caffeine addict

Annamarie Parker September 27, 2023

Unhealthy habits, natural to us, are a part of life. Lately I have noticed something in my day-to-day life that temporarily put me in an odd state of mind. If I am sad, I go indulge in coffee to drown...

HOME AWAY FROM HOME — NMU Senior Rylynn Sladek poses for a photo while on a hike in Marquette. Sladek has chosen to stay in the Upper Peninsula for the past two summers due to the variety of activities, from beach days to farmer’s market hauls, that the community has to offer.

Opinion – Should I stay or should I go?

Abbey Lamb, Contributing Writer May 5, 2023

Many students have the same thought each year: “Should I stay in Marquette for the summer, or should I go back home?" This tough choice plagues the minds of students year after year for good reason....

HIKE AND HANG — One of several panoramic views that can be seen along the hike to the hidden Wetmore Pond. Students from the ORLM department have planned a relaxing, yet educational, hiking event or people to attend.

Students lead hike to Wetmore Pond

Andie Balenger April 18, 2023

As part of the Earth Week festivities on campus, students from the outdoor recreation leadership and management (ORLM) department will be guiding people on a mile-and-a-half loop hike to the hidden Wetmore...

SNOWBOUND — Visitors admire the Eben Ice Caves, located just north of Chatham, after a brief hike. While more popular in the summer and fall, the outdoor recreation areas in and around Marquette house many winter wonders to be enjoyed.

Opinion – Top 5 winter wonders of Marquette

Abbey Lamb, Contributing writer February 14, 2023

Not only is Marquette home to some of the most fun activities in the summer and gorgeous colors in the fall, but it also has a lot to offer in the winter. If you are a person who is not really into recreational...

FALL COLORS — The top of Mount Marquette provides a great view of the fall foliage. With leaves at their peak, now is the perfect time to take a hike and enjoy the shades of orange, red and yellow while they last.

Opinion — 8 places to photograph around Marquette before the leaves drop

Emily Seven, Contributing Writer October 19, 2022

Fall in the Upper Peninsula is taking winding back roads to amazing displays of fall foliage. Get outdoors and see the colors while they are here. Below you will find some go-to fall places along with...

NMU Pavilion

NMU Conservation Crew Details New Events for the Fall Semester

Harry Stine, Features Assistant Editor September 23, 2022

Brady Rudh has been a part of the NMU Conservation Crew (CC) since Aug. 2019. However, when hearing him discuss the group, you would think he had always been a part of it. Rudh touted the most visible...

WANDERLUST — A breathtaking view to be enjoyed after a long hike on the Ice Lake Basin trail in Silverton, Colorado. Methods for alleviating stress can come in a variety of forms, like athletics, crafting and hiking.

Opinion — Escapism: Wandering through the woods

Andie Balenger, Opinion Editor September 7, 2022

We all have our emotional outlets. For some, it is binge-watching a television series and playing video games, while others may enjoy cooking or refurbishing vintage items. The list of ways to alleviate...

Advice I wish I was told as a freshman

Advice I wish I was told as a freshman

Katarina Rothhorn, Editor-in-chief September 2, 2022

Someone, likely a parent or counselor figure who has not been a college student in over 20 years, has probably given you some advice already about how to survive your undergraduate experience. This advice...

BEAUTY IN THE FOREST—In the fall, the forest is the best place to be. The sounds, the smells and the sights of the trees are a balm for overwork and burnout.

Opinion—Best places to see fall colors in MQ

Akasha Khalsa, Opinion Editor October 15, 2021
The Upper Peninsula as a whole is known as one of the best places to go to see the fall, and we’re lucky enough to be present here as the trees change and show their full, fiery hues.
no dogs allowed

Opinion—Dogs should always be on a leash in public, and kept away from me

Jesse Wiederhold November 16, 2020
Most people are pretty good about keeping their large and furry four-legged friends on leashes in the Marquette area. Unfortunately, even though there is a law to enforce leashing dogs and keeping pets safe, people (especially in more wooded areas) still let their troublesome hounds run amok.
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