PURE FOCUS — Students paint detailed pictures on their records during the event. Doing so, they socialized with each other and caught up with friends.
PURE FOCUS — Students paint detailed pictures on their records during the event. Doing so, they socialized with each other and caught up with friends.
Amelia Kashian

Students paint records and sip at Mocktails on Vinyl

NMU’s Special Events Committee invited students to paint records and make sweet drinks while socializing with friends.

Music brings people together, which is why this year’s Winterfest theme is “Spinning with the Snowflakes.” It’s easy to connect with songs that offer such vast amounts of creativity, and it brings people together. People gathered to bond over songs and paint their hearts out on Friday at the Special Events Committee’s Mocktails on Vinyl event.

The space was filled with lines of people waiting to choose paints, and background chatter was drowned out by soft music. Friend groups and couples sat together at tables as they began painting their records with their heads down, focused. Drinks were provided and people could refresh themselves as they took breaks in between creating their masterpieces.

“I’ve always wanted to paint a record. I’m an art student, and I love painting. It’s fantastic,” said Freshman Hannah Baker. “It’s just such a good time, and I was looking for a free activity for my boyfriend and I to do.”

Baker painted one of her favorite characters from the anime TV show “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.” She used a reference photo from her phone and planned to paint a detailed photo of him on her record. She was thankful to be given the chance to get out and socialize while making art.

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“It’s good to get out of your dorm and it’s good to be yourself, and learn what you like and don’t like,” Baker said. “College is all about learning and getting a degree for your future, but it’s also good for expanding your horizons, making new friends, and going to fun events like this.”

Previous Winterfest events allowed for physical exercise in an open skate, and movie-watching and relaxing; this painting event was a unique way to celebrate the winter season. Deutsch had been working on planning an event for Winterfest, and decided to host a spin-off of an event that was hosted a previous year.

“Since this year’s theme is “Spinning with the Snowflakes,” we decided to go heavy with the music theme. Spinning records, and painting records, and stuff,” President of the Special Events Committee Ali Deutsch said. “When I lived in the dorms, me and my friends would get fun sodas and have a paint and sip night. I thought, ‘how great would that be, if [students] didn’t have to buy paint every time they want to make a painting, and they could have canvases provided, and have a fun experience and have something to put in their dorm?'”

Baker was not the only student who found it peaceful to sit down and make art with friends. Deutsch says ‘Mocktails on Vinyl’ was intended to allow NMU students to socialize and take time for themselves amid a busy semester.

“I really like these events because I think they’re very chill and it provides students with an area to destress, especially around midterms,” Deutsch said. “I hope that people just come and have a little creative outlet, and get to spend some quality time with people and enjoy some fun drinks.”

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