LINED UP - Students pack in and wait patiently for their turn to get into the WellBeing Fair.
LINED UP – Students pack in and wait patiently for their turn to get into the WellBeing Fair.
Antonio Anderson

Success of the Wildcat WellBeing Fair

Can rebrands be positive, especially when replacing a decades old event?

Rebranding is not always a good thing. That’s the question with the Wildcat WellBeing Fair, formerly the Wildcat Wellness Health Fair, hosted earlier this March. Was the new event a success? With the 300 free totes handed out, the games, food, freebies, prizes and even a few health-related screenings, it may be hard to say it wasn’t.

One of the event’s coordinators even explained that the former Health Fair had been going on for decades before it was taken over for the first time this year by the WellBeing Department, and they offered quite a show.

SUPPORTING – Students flow and interact with the nearly 30 tables of participants, each supporting one of the many aspects of WellBeing. (Antonio Anderson)

“We have 29 stations and it’s composed of Northern departments, student organizations and committee organizations. There is something for everybody,” Jessica Corkin, WellBeing promotions coordinator said. “It is a king of one-stop shop.”

The WellBeing fair offered as much as it could to help support the eight pillars of well-being, Corkin explained. Those include physical, emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, financial, career and intellectual well-being.

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The WellBeing Department held this event in tandem with the United Conference to provide all eventgoers with the opportunity to stop in to either event. Providing those who attended with many options of fun, education and support, it is hard to deny that the WellBeing fair was a success.


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