DONATE BLOOD — SNA and MSNA bring the American Red Cross to campus to hold a blood drive for students and the community.
DONATE BLOOD — SNA and MSNA bring the American Red Cross to campus to hold a blood drive for students and the community.
Courtesy of Phoebe Martin

Blood Drive collects 30 pints of blood, combating national blood shortage

The Student Nurses Association (SNA), along with the Multicultural Student Nurses Association (MSNA), held a blood drive on Mar. 28 with the help of the American Red Cross. The blood drive was held in the Northern Center Peninsula I and II from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The American Red Cross traveled from Green Bay, WI to help conduct Thursday’s blood drive. The American Red Cross then takes the collected blood back to Green Bay, where it is distributed across the country. 

Last Thursday’s blood drive collected 30 pints of blood, which will help counter the national blood shortage.

“I think the ability of younger and unique demographics donating blood will help the blood shortage,” SNA Secretary Phoebe Martin said. 

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SNA and MSNA met their goal of 30 pints of blood collected, exceeding low expectations due to another blood drive held on campus several days prior to this blood drive.

“[The blood drive results] made me happy, that there are enough college students still willing to donate,” Martin said. 

This is also the first time SNA and MSNA have held their blood drives in the Northern Center. Their blood drives were previously held in the Lydia M. Olson library, however, renovations of that building have forced them to relocate this event. 

“Though it is kind of more out of the way, I really like Peninsula I and II because it is quieter. The Northern Center also has a nicer view. It is just a nicer environment than it was in the library,” Martin said. 

SNA and MSNA saw mostly student donors, with only a handful being community members for this event. Martin believes that the on-campus location is most convenient for students. SNA and MSNA also had about eight volunteers helping with this event.

“We just want to help the community. It really teaches us soft skills, working with people and then giving back to the community with our time,” Martin said.

SNA and MSNA hope to bring the American Red Cross back to campus every three months for blood drives. While the American Red Cross does not keep donated blood locally, Martin believes their services outweigh this aspect.

“I think a lot of blood drives could learn from how the American Red Cross does theirs. Theirs is really efficient and their services are just really nice,” Martin said.

American Red Cross also offers services like the RapidPass, where you can learn about your blood type, and offers rewards for regular donors.

SNA and MSNA look forward to the blood drive they plan to hold next fall and are already setting new goals. 

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