NMU student body elects new ASNMU assembly, votes on referendums

ASNMU ASSEMBLY — Introducing ASNMU President Dana Hinckley (left) and Vice President Ruby Joseph (right). Photo courtesy of Dana Hinckley
ASNMU ASSEMBLY — Introducing ASNMU President Dana Hinckley (left) and Vice President Ruby Joseph (right). Photo courtesy of Dana Hinckley
2024-2025 academic year ASNMU President, Dana Hinckley. (Photo courtesy of Dana Hinckley)

Third-year student Dana Hinckley has been announced as ASNMU President for the 2024-2025 academic year. Prior to her election, Hinckley served as the On-Campus Apartments Representative for ASNMU. Hinckley is majoring in secondary Spanish education and has been involved with Diversity in Disability and the Commuter and Non-traditional Student Organization.

“I am honored to have been elected as the next ASNMU president,” Hinckley said. “I am eager to continue ongoing projects as well as start on some new initiatives focused on enhancing student experience and belonging.”

Hinckley says one of her goals is to increase membership within ASNMU.

“We have a very ambitious set of goals for the following year and are looking to recruit more members. If you are passionate about making a difference on campus, please reach out to [email protected] or visit our website to join,” Hinckley said.

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2024-2025 academic year ASNMU Vice President, Ruby Joseph. (Photo courtesy of Ruby Joseph)

Hinckley’s running mate, Ruby Joseph, was also elected to ASNMU as Vice President. Joseph is a second-year student majoring in political science. Joseph is involved with Hunt Hall, the Women’s Wrestling Team, the Student Athlete and Advisory Committee, and the Student Equity and Engagement Center.

“This whole campaign process leading up to the elections was so fun to engage in and I was so happy to see the payoff with the highest student engagement in over a decade,” Joseph said. “I think this just proves ASNMU works best with involvement from the students it is here to serve.” 

Joseph says one of her goals is increasing awareness of ASNMU among students and the general campus population.

Joseph and Hinckley sign the ASNMU mural in the tunnel connecting Harden Hall and Weston Hall after they were sworn into office. (Photo courtesy of Dana Hinckley)

“I believe I can speak for both Dana and I by saying we have so many goals for what we want to see here at Northern and hope to create more and more transparency for students on what ASNMU is and how it can impact the school but most importantly, the student population,” Joseph said.

Alongside Hinckley and Joseph, five representatives were elected for the 2024-2025 assembly. They include Naomi Allen representing the Woods Residence Halls, Jack Belcher representing the Quad Residence Halls, and Ava Wilson, Benjamin Doriot and Halle Johnson representing the College of Arts and Sciences. The new assembly was sworn in on Thursday, April 18.

In addition to the assembly elections, the student body voted “yes” on Referendum One and Referendum Two, which propose a raise to the Student Activity Fee and revisions to the ASNMU constitution, respectively. The referendums must still be voted on by the Board of Trustees before being finalized.

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