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Opinion—Hate against Russian people needs to stop

Opinion—Hate against Russian people needs to stop

Justin Van't Hof, Editor-in-chief April 1, 2022
I alongside many have watched in horror as Vladimir Putin and his regime have waged an inhumane assault against Ukraine. With the horror being cast all across social media, it is impossible not to be outraged at the Russian government for the destruction, but I urge everyone to not assign this blame to the Russian people as a whole.
Opinion—Spooky movies are the best way to celebrate Halloween

Opinion—Spooky movies are the best way to celebrate Halloween

Justin Van't Hof, Editor-in-chief October 22, 2021
Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and it’s easy to see why. I mean, what other holiday has activities such as the carving of pumpkins, dressing up in costumes and most important of all, spooky movies with friends?
Joleigh Martinez/NW

Opinion—Reflection on delta variant summer: stay vigilant

Justin Van't Hof, Editor-in-chief August 27, 2021
In 2021 there was a glimmer of hope. The COVID-19 vaccine became more available, and soon I too got my jab. Once I got it, I started to feel like an individual again. I was able to spend time with friends and live the life I did prior to COVID-19. The summer I looked forward to for a year and a half was finally here.
Counseling services assist students with mental health

Counseling services assist students with mental health

Justin Van't Hof June 4, 2021

Sometimes as students it can be hard to manage mental health issues and the stress of school. Through NMU counseling services, students who are experiencing mental health crises can meet with licensed...

Disability services offer accommodations for students

Disability services offer accommodations for students

Justin Van't Hof June 2, 2021

When it comes to accessing the classroom having the needed resources can be imperative to a positive learning environment. One of the resources Northern has to make barriers to education easier is disability...

ASNMU swears in 2021 assembly following election, addresses carbon neutrality

ASNMU swears in 2021 assembly following election, addresses carbon neutrality

Justin Van't Hof April 15, 2021
The Associated Students of NMU met at 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 13 to give reports on what members have been working on since the previous meeting and to swear in the electorates who won the 2021 general election.

ASNMU presidential candidates answer campaign questions

Justin Van't Hof April 3, 2021

Online voting for the ASNMU elections begins April 5 at 8 a.m. and will conclude on April 7 at 5 p.m. Students can vote online through a platform that will be sent out to everyone in an email on Monday,...

Photo courtesy of Sammi Metcalf 
REPRESENTING YOU一 Members of ASNMU gathered in West Science 2906 to hold their regular meeting. Following the meeting, the group posed wearing their ASNMU t-shirts. Emma Drever (left), Tom Kettler, Olivia Fuhrman, Joe Strum (center), Kylie Lanser, Brynn Rowell, Zora Binert (right).

ASNMU holds meeting: proposal to establish university recess approved, recognizing Election Day as holiday

Justin Van't Hof March 18, 2021
ASNMU met on March 16 to give routine reports, vote on academic days off for mental health and vote on a resolution to have Election Day as a national holiday.
robot dog

Opinion—Robot dog highlights issues with police spending

Justin Van't Hof March 9, 2021
Recently, an article by the NY Post showcased the New York City Police Department’s new specialized surveillance robot. While it’s essential to keep everyone out of harm’s way, I worry that this technology will be used to survey the actions of people in low-income communities without their permission and are a waste of police budgets.
A picture of ASMUs logo with the words your student government underneath

ASNMU adopts resolution urging state senate to reconsider vote to block BOT appointee

Justin Van't Hof February 22, 2021
ASNMU adopted a resolution to urge Senate Republicans to reconsider their vote to block Jason Morgan from serving NMU's BOT. So far, they have blocked a total of 18 Of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's appointments.
A picture of the ASNMU office located at room 1203 in the University Center.

ASNMU hears resolutions on internal bylaws, BOT appointment

Justin Van't Hof February 18, 2021
MEETING TIME — ASNMU held its weekly meeting in where they gave updates to current initiatives and heard new proposals. The group continues to work hard ensuring that concerns of students are addressed.
Picture of Joseph Calderon sitting on the beach listening to stories.

Native American Student Association helps student navigate higher ed

Justin Van't Hof January 28, 2021
BY THE FIRE - During the stargazing and storytelling event that the Native American Student Association held last semester, Joseph Calderson listened to the group share Anishinaabe star knowledge. The group continues to plan COVID-19 safe events for this upcoming semester.
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