Missing master key ups campus security presence

jackie.stark and jackie.stark

Since the recent loss of the residence halls’ master key, Northern has begun the process of replacing all locks and keys for residence halls.

On Monday, August 27, Public Safety issued an alert to students living in the residence halls informing them of the missing master key.

According to an e-mail sent out to all Northern students by Public Safety, the keys were used in conjunction with this summer’s renovation projects.

Though the university is working with the project contractors to locate the keys, NMU is currently planning to replace all the locks that are affected by the loss of the master key.

“NMU only has one locksmith, and he typically doesn’t have to change a lot of locks,” said Ron Lion, assistant director of Housing and Residence Life for NMU. “So, having him change 1,200 rooms would take a long time.”

Since the loss of the master key, Northern has implemented several different security measures to ensure the safety of all residence hall students.

The exterior doors to the residence halls will be locked between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. During this time period, students will be required to show their IDs at the main doors to gain entry into the building.

Also, more security cameras will be installed.

While NMU is taking precautions until the locks can be changed, Northern students can also help keep themselves safe.

Students should keep their valuables out of sight at all times by keeping them in a drawer or in a small safe, Lion said. He also advised students not to allow anyone into the building, or to prop side doors open at any time, adding that people should enter the building where IDs will be checked.

“Just follow the instructions from Public Safety,” Lion said. “They are the people that know how to handle these things, and handle them fast.”