Better Roommate: Tommy Callahan vs. Frank the Tank

adam.dompierre and adam.dompierre

                The leaves are changing colors, the days are getting shorter, and Notre Dame’s football team is once again overrated… all this can mean only one thing.  Yes, it’s time for the start of another school year.  Many factors go into a great college experience, from interesting classes to weekend adventures.  But there are few things that can make or break your year quite like a good or bad roommate.  Naturally, this leads to the question that has plagued mankind for ages:  Who would make a better roommate:  Tommy Boy’s Tommy Callahan, or Old School’s Frank the Tank?  Let’s go to the tape…


Tommy Callahan

Frank the Tank


Making People Laugh

A master of physical, dumb guy comedy

A master of physical, dumb guy comedy

This is a close one, but Frank might not have even been the funniest character in his own movie.

Advantage:  Tommy

More Fun at a Party

Token lovable fat guy

“We’re going streaking!”

Tommy is fun, but Frank’s Speaker City connections mean you’ll probably be partying with Snoop Dogg.  Bring your green hat.

Advantage:  Frank

Social Skills

Popular with his college buddies, factory workers, and even Ray Zalinsky, the Auto Parts King

Divorced by his wife, beaten within an inch of his life by the Dean

Frank was a hit with the college crowd, but Tommy was genuinely beloved.

Advantage:  Tommy

Ingenious Scheme

Posing as a suicide bomber to get a face to face meeting with Zalinsky

Starts a fraternity to help his buddy Mitch keep his house

Both were effective, but when in doubt, go with the one that won’t get you sent to prison.

Advantage:  Frank

Musical Talent

Sings at his dad’s wedding and sings along with the car radio

Sings at Blue’s funeral

Frank may not have “sang in key”, or “hit any of the right notes”, but you can’t teach that kind of passion.

Advantage:  Frank

Love Life

Gets the girl

Gets divorced by the girl

It took Frank about two weeks to drive his marriage straight into the ground.  Plus, sailboats make good dates.

Advantage:  Tommy


“Shut up, Richard.”

“You’re my boy, Blue!”

It was way over-quoted when Old School came out, but Frank’s somber cry to the heavens wins by a nose.

Advantage:  Frank


Result:  4-3, Frank the Tank

                Frank wins in a barn burner, but really you couldn’t go wrong with either of these guys.  Get used to late night runs to KFC (if it’s still open), and watching your roommate dive through/into rings of fire while wearing a cougar suit.  Play your cards right and Frank and the guys might even throw you a Palooza of your own.  Another bonus:  Your suitcoat won’t be destroyed in one of Tommy’s improvised song and dance routines.