Afroman lights up Marquette with charismatic Monday night performance

shane.nyman and shane.nyman

“Tomorrow brings pain and sorrow, but tonight, we’re all right,” crooned Afroman in his opener Monday night at UpFront & Company. The words rang true for most in attendance, who chose to dedicate their Labor Day to the hard-partying rapper, whose set ran into Tuesday morning with classes looming just hours away.
With Afroman, what’s expected is mostly what’s received. Coming on just after 11:30 p.m., the charismatic emcee blew a lot of smoke, drank a lot of beer and even played a few hit songs. Donning a dollar-bill print shirt and, of course, an afro, Afroman performed until 1 a.m. and hung around to sign autographs afterward.

Amidst an occasional belch and constant raunchy jokes came “Because I Got High,” and “Crazy Rap (Colt 45).” Each was met with an expected uproar from the crowd, but even some of his lesser-known tracks were well received. After letting front-row fans light his cigarette, Afroman delivered some hilarious Christmas cheer with his foul-mouthed “Afroman is Comin’ to Town.”

Afroman went on to show he has a little more than his deep voice and funny lyrics in his repertoire by breaking out an electric guitar. With a cigarette dangling from his lips, the big man broke out two or three solos, the most memorable being in his flagship “Because I Got High.”

It’s possible that Afroman exhausted his ammo early, with the questionable decision to play his two biggest hits half-way through the set. The dance-floor crowd became noticeably thinner afterwards, although many stuck around as “Ghetto Memories” capped off the night.

In a larger city, an Afroman show couldn’t get away with charging $15 at the door, but with Marquette’s limited live entertainment options, a good-sized crowd was drawn — and surprisingly they got their money’s worth.