Dining services director leaves NMU

jackie.stark and jackie.stark

Andre Mallie, the man who brought places such as Fieras and Temaki & Tea to Northern has left for a similar job in the University of San Diego, California.

“We were quite surprised [when he left],” said Gavin Leach, vice president of finance and administration.

In the meantime, Arthur Gischia, director of business services for the purchasing department, will serve as the interim director.

The search for a new general manager will be conducted on a national level, Leach said, adding that Northern will be looking for someone who would continue with Mallie’s innovative ideas.

“This is not an area in which you can stay stagnant,” he said.

Leach added that this process could take anywhere from two to six months.

Though Mallie had only been Northern’s Dining Services General Manager for one year, he brought about a number of changes.

Bookbinder’s Eatery, located next to Starbucks on the first floor of the LRC, was changed to Fieras, which now serves Mexican food, as well as sandwiches and burgers.

The Fieldhouse Food Bar was transformed into Temaki & Tea, located on the second floor of Hedgecock. The restaurant offers fair trade and organic food with Japanese-style cuisine.

All the stations in the Marketplace were given new names and new menus. The Marketplace’s Caf