DiFranco double-disc captures career

katey.newton and katey.newton

With honesty and a sense of principle, Ani DiFranco’s latest album, “Canon,” spans her 17-year career as a singer-songwriter. DiFranco purposefully chose each of the 36 songs on the two-disc album to show her progression as a musician. Meant to be listened to in order, they range from her early folk songs to her later, more complex work.

“Canon” isn’t a greatest hits album. Although some of her most popular songs like “32 Flavors” and “Untouchable Face” are there, the majority are songs that she isn’t known for, but that she felt best represented her.

The precision and thought that went into putting this album together is clear as the listeners makes their way through. DiFranco is known most for her intelligent and meaningful lyrics, and in the same way she carefully crafts a song, she carefully crafted this compilation. The result takes the listener on a beautiful journey through her work.

DiFranco’s lyrics have given her an almost cult-like following at this point in her career. Instead of strumming aimlessly at a guitar and singing songs someone else wrote for her, DiFranco has managed to cut through the clich