Alumna visits campus

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Teri List, vice president of finance for the global household products division of Procter & Gamble, spoke to NMU College of Business classes on Monday, Oct. 1 and Tuesday, Oct. 2

List graduated from NMU in 1984 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

She began working at Procter & Gamble in 1994 as a director of corporate accounting. Procter & Gamble, one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world, manufactures some of the world’s most well-known products, such as Crest toothpaste and Pringles potato crisps.

List’s work involves financial planning for global operations at Procter & Gamble. She oversees the financial operations of over 90 countries.

She said the job is challenging because it requires attention to many different places, but the payoff is worth the challenge. Because her job involves the financial operations in countries abroad, she travels the world on business, she said.

“I have been everywhere,” she said. “I’ve been to the jungles of Malaysia to the rural cities in India, London and Paris. It’s been very fun.”

List said she credits her education at Northern for part of her success at Procter & Gamble.

“I’ve used my skills from college and previous work experience, and learned more about the company,” she said

List said returning to NMU was a great experience, and an opportunity for her to reflect on her time as a student.

She said she is impressed by the work ethic of Northern’s current students, and encourages all students to be focused, open-minded and willing to take chances when moving into the working world.

“Trust your instincts, and things will work out well,” she said.