New tunes get students high

There’s a new way to get high and it doesn’t involve snorting, smoking or a syringe — all you need are your ears. It’s called I-Doser, and it’s a new type of software that claims to produce binaural beats that synchronize a person’s brainwaves, putting them in the same state as a dose of some recreational drugs and prescription medicines. Plus, it can be downloaded on an MP3 player. What this means is that after putting on some headphones and listening to five minutes of white noise, which sounds like hisses and static, making up each track, I-Doser claims that the user will feel different — very different. Peck said he listened to the shortest track available, “Nitrous Oxide,” and immediately felt disoriented and giggly. But Peck’s results aren’t unusual — I-Doser has become an underground Internet sensation since its release last March. Now, the company offers more than 40 different downloadable tracks ranging from the illegal to the pharmaceutical, with different tracks simulating the effects of crack, acid, OxyContin and more. Yet, while I-Doser offers risk-free mind expansion, Peck had a different experience. “I had a slight headache the first time I tried it, but there were no long-lasting effects,” Peck said. “But when my roommate tried the ‘LSD’ track, he had a two-day effect where he didn’t feel right.” According to I-Doser, however, there are no adverse effects of listening, although they advise not to operate heavy machinery or drive a vehicle while under the influence. For more information on I-Doser or to download a sample dose, visit