The Top Ten Video Games of All-Time

adam.dompierre and adam.dompierre

10. “Super Tennis” — SNES
There’s nothing quite as exciting (or confusing) as playing the French Open in front of the King of France. Since France doesn’t have a king, you’d be hard-pressed to achieve that dream in any game outside of “Super Tennis.” Their political ignorance is your gain.

9. “Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time” — N64
Alright, I’ve never played even a second of Zelda, but I’ve heard enough rave reviews to give it a spot in the top 10. Apparently “Ocarina of Time” was the best one. I’m guessing the storyline was about magical elves or something equally ridiculous.

8. “Grand Theft Auto 3” — PS2
Whether you’re looking to kill a couple hours or corrupt your impressionable mind, “Grand Theft Auto” is always a good bet. It might be a little outdated now, but the third installment was kind of the pioneer of the craziness.

7. “GoldenEye 007” — N64
Publisher Rare’s follow-up “Perfect Dark” was better than “GoldenEye” in every way, but nostalgia gives the nod to “007.” Levels like the Temple, the Library and of course the Complex helped define a generation of trigger-happy adolescents.

6. “Tecmo Bowl” — NES
It’s hard to explain what made “Tecmo Bowl” so awesome. Was it the side-scrolling action? The “Hut, hut, hut, hut, hut, hut” cadence? The Terminator-like Bo Jackson? The truth is they all combined to make “Tecmo Bowl” way more fun that it should have been.

5. “Halo 3” — Xbox 360
Another one I’ve never played, but there’s basically no way this game isn’t awesome. The first two Halos were pretty much flawless, and the third edition is supposedly even better. Plus the fans are more dedicated than anyone this side of a Grateful Dead concert.

4. “NCAA Football 2006” — PS2/Xbox
Madden is the more popular series, but where else can you both run the option and hear the barely coherent rantings of Lee Corso? Nowhere else, that’s where. The advantage goes to NCAA, especially the 2006 edition, with Desmond Howard’s iconic Heisman pose on the cover.

3. “Street Fighter II Turbo” — SNES
Amazingly there have been no less than seven different versions of “Street Fighter II” released over 15 years. Turbo was the finest however. Whether you rolled with Zangief, E. Honda, or Dhalsim, each character was more stereotypical than the last.

2. Mario Kart 64 — N64
“Mario Kart 64” had only one weakness – every character outside of Yoshi and Peach was terrible. If you were the dinosaur or the princess you had it made, but may God have mercy on the sorry soul who got stuck with Donkey Kong Jr. or Bowser.

1. Super Mario 3 — NES
The first Mario Bros. game was revolutionary, but “Super Mario 3” took fun to a whole new level. The music was way better than it had to be, and certain levels are unforgettable. Don’t question why getting a leaf turns you into a flying raccoon, either. Just go with it.