What we’re thankful for


It’s that time of year again, the time to be thankful for family, friends and a bountiful Thanksgiving feast. And while The North Wind staff is thankful for all that, we had a few more things we were grateful for, and wanted to add to the list:
 The beginning of basketball season
 No snow on the ground . yet
 NMU hockey winning its first conference game
 Restaurants that deliver, especially late at night and for free
 The democratic process of Referendum
 The 990 students and community members taking the initiative to help out the local community during Make a Difference Day
 ASNMU attempting to bring the Readership program back to NMU
 The NMU Master Plan’s inclusion of a Student Union, an addition that is desperately needed on NMU’s campus
 The Superior Edge program, for providing a way for students on campus to get involved
 Journalism professors at a university without an accompanying journalism major
 Radio X, for trying to make the campus radio station a better and more consistent service, and for doing a great job on Wednesday nights
 Stephen Colbert, for causing a rift in the upcoming presidential election and getting a rise out of a usually apathetic voting group
 Rate My Professor
 The success of the NMU volleyball team
 Black Friday Sales, for giving shoppers the chance to be trampled in the name of cheap Christmas presents
 Brett Favre
 The opening of Jimmy John’s
 The Writing Center, for editing our papers when we’re too tired to see straight
 Coffee, preferably fresh
 Crossword Puzzle addicts, for keeping The North Wind on its toes
 School spirit, brought to you by the NMU Puckheads and Wildcat Cheerleaders
 The Micro Repair Desk, and the $50 fine that ensures we won’t lose any of our important documents
 And lastly, all of the NMU students, staff and faculty who are willing to be interviewed and share their opinions with us week after week