‘In Rainbows’ worth the penny it could cost you

NW Staff

Radiohead is one of the most important bands of the last 20 years. So important, in fact, that they can get away with giving the record industry a big “f-you” and sell their latest album via download, for as little as a penny. What frontman Thom Yorke and Radiohead are saying is, they’re in it for the music.

Respectable. Perhaps what isn’t so respectable is the fact that illegal download estimates of “In Rainbows” have more than doubled the 200,000 legal downloads of the album. That’s a pretty disgusting statistic. It isn’t even acceptable in our society to part ways with one cent, for music, let alone music from a band that has inspired thousands of bands that we listen to every day.

“In Rainbows” is an outstanding piece of musicianship. Ambient indie rock and grungy vocals, the things we know and enjoy best about Radiohead are still strongly apparent on the new album. At the same time as being familiar and comfortable, “In Rainbows” is foreign and new.

For Radiohead to continue to be one of the most important bands of our time, they need to keep making music like this. We don’t foresee any problems with that, unless they make absolutely no money off this album. “In Rainbows” is certainly worth the penny it would cost you. Remember, that penny would be supporting the band, not the music industry. So you can stick it to the man while supporting the music.

For Fans of: Coldplay, Muse or The Smashing Pumpkins.

— Radio X staff