Massages to be taught for stress


Students will be able to learn about stress relief methods at an upcoming basic massage technique Skill Builder. “The Basic Massage and Simple Exercises – Self-Care Techniques to Reduce Work-Related Stress & Pain” will be on Thursday Jan. 31 at 5:30 p.m. in the Back Room of the University Center. The Skill Builder will be presented by Maggie Barch, a clinical massage therapist who has experience in physical and massage therapy. Students attending the Skill Builder will learn about stress relief techniques. “Participants will learn a bit of anatomy and physiology,” Barch said. “I will demonstrate some stretches and movements. Participants will practice these as well. We will be out of our chairs and moving around for most of the Skill Builder.” She added learning personal self-care techniques is helpful to everyone, no matter what age. To register, students can call Janet Crick at the Center for Student Enrichment at 227-1771. There will be limited seating and there is no cost to attend this Skill Builder.