Leaders to learn hands-on skills


NMU students will learn about and engage in activities that will provide experience in debriefing situations at an upcoming Skill Builder. Seth Hill-Kennedy, a student assistant with Superior Edge at NMU, will host “Debriefing the Quality Experience” from 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 2, in the Back Room of the University Center. The presentation is the second part of the NMU Student Leader Fellowship Program’s (SLFP) Group Facilitation series. The Skill Builder will teach participants about various methods of debriefing. “‘Debriefing’ is making sure that a group takes away from that activity what you want them to, or that they’re able to process what happened,” said Hill-Kennedy. Groups can range from student organizations to corporate boardroom meetings. The presentation will incorporate scenarios and real-life situations. He added that it will be a very hands-on experience. “My first goal is to increase participants’ awareness of the facilitation process,” Hill-Kennedy said. “Anybody can be a facilitator.” The intent of facilitation is to help a group accomplish a goal, whatever that may be, without taking control, He added. To register for the Skill Builder, contact Janet Crick at [email protected] or call 227-1771. This Skill Builder is open to anyone and is free to attend.