Costly break-in at Carey Hall


On the evening of Jan. 29, three individuals, two adults and one juvenile, were arrested and charged with breaking and entering after illegally entering Carey Hall and causing extensive damage. The three men–Carl Anderson, 20, Richard Sturdivant, 18, and the juvenile, 16–were apprehended around 8 p.m. on Jan. 29, said Public Safety investigator Victor LaDuke.
Old light fixtures were broken, leaking mercury, and broken shielding and pipes were found covered with asbestos. The items that were broken caused hazardous materials to leak into the building. Due to the danger of the broken materials in the hall, Public Safety has been unable to get into the hall to do a full report or estimate the cost of damages, LaDuke said.
Just to remediate the hazardous material is going to cost thousands of dollars and the property damage is an additional few thousand dollars, LaDuke predicted. This is one in a number of break-ins to the hall recently.