Students win awards


Several Northern Michigan University students will be honored March 11 in Grand Rapids after receiving awards from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters.

Every year, the association holds media competitions in radio and televised broadcasting at the high school and collegiate levels. For the past 16 years, NMU students have submitted entries, and competed with college students from around the state at schools such as Central Michigan University and Michigan State.

“At times we’ve swept whole categories of awards,” said Charles Ganzert, a professor in the communication and performance studies department.

Ganzert added that the competition is a good indicator of where NMU students stand state-wide. Students receiving honors include Katherine Cox, Dan VanderMeuse, Ian McLeod, James Opiekun, Elizabeth Gasperich, Cody Smith, Tyler Czarnopis and Luis Gomez, ranging in year from junior to recently-graduated.

Ganzert collected submissions at the end of the fall 2007 semester. The entries consisted of media pieces such as public service announcements and sports broadcasts, and were judged by professionals in the field.

Winners will receive plaques in an award ceremony, but Ganzert said the awards mean much more.

“It’s a form of recognition for people who have gone beyond the average, and achieved something that’s as good as anybody else in the state or better,” he said.

Ganzert is working to fund the trip downstate for as many of the honored students as possible.

The awards will be presented at the convention. While there, students will have the opportunity to attend a job fair, workshops and meet professionals in the field.

–Joe Ashworth