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GOALS NEEDED — NMU has scored just five goals all season and with four of their losses coming in one score matches.
M Soccer: Offensive struggles lead to three straight losses
Lily GouinSeptember 29, 2023

Republican voice unheard at NMU

Contrary to some of the beliefs running rampant on college campuses, conservatives are not all crazy Bible-bangers about to rip on your way of life. In fact, more often than not I have had my way of life ripped into rather than the other way around. Try not to balk, but yes: I am a conservative.

I can’t speak for every conservative out there and while my ideals may differ from others, the issue at hand is this: College campuses are known to be liberal. However, this lean to the left shouldn’t equate to ignorance with mainstream conservative views.

Just to clarify, as a conservative, I was not about to grab my picket sign and march at Heath Ledger’s funeral because he played a gay man in a movie. By no means am I going to go blow up an abortion clinic and I certainly will not start preaching to you to go to church.

So why is it that if I even utter the words, “I am a Republican,” I get the same reaction as if I had just told someone I had gonorrhea?

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Most people who find out I am a Republican have a reaction along those lines: gasping, sneering or simply saying something completely based on assumption, such as, ‘Oh, so you’re rich?’ I did not grow up anywhere near Park Avenue, and I like to go one further and tell people that my dad is part of a union. At this point, the jaw drops even further. One person actually laughed and responded, “You’re kidding me. How?”

“You’re all close-minded,” is something I have commonly heard in reference to being a conservative, but how do you know I’m close-minded just by being aware of my political affiliation?

Once it’s discovered that I am indeed conservative, it seems there’s no doubt that I am simply a close-minded, money hog only interested in overseas oil.

The truth is, I don’t care where my oil comes from and I certainly don’t think we are in Iraq to obtain it.

On the other hand, I am for same-sex marriages. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t exactly sit on the conservative track, but I agree with it. I also believe there is no problem with the word “God” being said in the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools either, or being present in our government period.

I understand that I am in the minority here at NMU and I accept that. The only thing I am still struggling with is the fact that my views are constantly looked down upon. How can you judge my views when all you have to go on is an assumption of what I believe?

In fact, I welcome any opposing views. If you want to openly discuss the idea of abstinence programs being taught in American schools, by all means, let’s talk about it. You may think it’s preposterous; I think it’s fabulous.

All it comes down to is this: Don’t berate and belittle me for having an opinion if I am more than willing to listen to yours. My opinion is just that, an opinion. I can respect yours, so please respect mine and in the future, whether you hear someone is conservative, Republican or even liberal, try to refrain from the eye-rolling. It is wholly unappreciated.

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