Campus Briefs: Group collecting used cell phones

NW Staff

The student organization Project Hot Seat (PHS) is hosting a cell phone collection until Friday, March 21. Students can drop off their old cell phones, working or not, at the designated drop off locations in the Payne/Halverson lobby, the Gant/Spalding lobby, the Wildcat Den, TCF Bank, the Marquette Food Co-op and the Peter While Library. “PHS is a local branch of Greenpeace’s international climate change campaign,” said Betsy Ott, NMU?and?Marquette?area?student?organizer for PHS. Ott said that PHS is collecting the old phones to have them recycled safely. “The phones will be recycled by GRC Wireless Recycling, a company based out of Florida. [Recycling the phones] is important because if e-waste isn’t properly disposed of, harmful chemicals can leak into the soil and ground water supplies,” he said. Currently, PHS is working on asking Congressman Bart Stupak to help preserve Michigan’s lakes and communities by supporting The Safe Climate Act (HR 1590), Ott said. The goal of the safe Climate Act is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the climate. PHS will use the money from the collection to bring the documentary “Oil on Ice” to campus on April 15. The organization will also use the money to help fund their photo petition, he said. “Currently we are collecting photographs of students and community members holding word bubbles that say ‘Stop global warming’ inside of them. When we reach our goal we’ll make them into a ‘climate scrapbook’ for Congressman Stupak,” Ott said. For more information about the collection or PHS, e-mail Ott at [email protected]