Letter: Coulter should speak

NW Staff

Ann Coulter must not be a hot topic at NMU when you only have one letter regarding the issue, and that from a professor. I would have expected a fair and balanced response from students for and against.

Question: When did Al Franken speak at NMU and what did it cost? Call the Student Activity Fee office if you don’t know. Isn’t Franken way to the left of mainstream?

Robyn’s portrayal of Coulter’s “nastiness-wants Muslims dead” is ridiculous. Muslims attacked us because we do not worship their god and we believe in freedom.

They are training their children to kill our children and they are blowing up innocent people every day with their men, women and children suicide bombers.

Have you noticed Jews and Christians don’t do this and actually allow Muslims to build mosques and worship freely in this country? Try building a Christian church or converting to Christianity in these Arab countries – you very likely will wind up dead.

Robyns goes on to quote a line from a movie where Pharaoh hollers at Moses, “Let him rave so men will know him mad,” and then he applies this to Coulter. The problem is, this quote is totally unscriptural, and Robyns thinks Moses is the bad guy and Pharaoh the good, when it is just the opposite.

It reminds me of the quote in “Dead Man Walking” where the nun explains Jesus said men are good so there should not be capital punishment for murderers. The problem is, Jesus never said that. In fact He said just the opposite.

Religious quotes written by non-believers in movies do not portray truth.

Coulter has debated people like Robyns and Mowafy at many universities – I think she would chew them up as long as the fascists in the audience allow her free speech.

Bill Vogelmann,
Area resident