Campus Briefs

NW Staff

Student research to be on display
The 13th Celebration of Student Research, Creative Works and Academic Learning will be held on Thursday, April 17 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the lower level of the LRC. The celebration, which was started to display the many creative works of NMU students, showcases students who have conducted research, a creative work or a service learning project, said Cynthia Prosen, dean of graduate studies and research and sponsor of the event. Past projects have included posters, sea lamprey work, musicians, student-created films, art exhibits and play presentations. Only the posters will be judged and presented as three “Best of Show” posters in categories of best undergraduate poster, graduate poster and class poster. Five $300 TLC laptop awards will recognize innovative uses by students of the laptop in the academic environment, said Prosen. Students were asked to submit a brief description of their project by the end of March and nearly 75 submissions were received. “[I] encourage all students to attend this event, both to learn about scholarly opportunities that they might like to become involved with in the future, and to cheer on their fellow students,” said Prosen. “This really is a terrific way for us to celebrate learning that goes on at NMU, both inside and out of the classroom.” The event is free to NMU students and the general public. Cookies and soft drinks will be provided.

–Sarah Eberhard

Program helps women plan ahead
A new family planning program is available to Michigan women. The program, Plan First, offers free family planning services to women between the ages of 19 and 44 who are not currently pregnant and qualify for the program, said Linda Loeffler, department analyst for the Michigan Department of Community Health. Loeffler said services such as initial screenings, lab tests, office visits, sterilization and pregnancy prevention through contraceptives are offered for those in the program. Plan First was started one year ago by the state of Michigan in an attempt to decrease the rate of infant mortality and allow for healthier babies, Loeffler added. When pregnancies are planned, women tend to get more prenatal care, resulting in a healthier child, she said. Women can obtain applications through the local health department or the State Department of Human Services. Loeffler said that women interested in gaining more information on the program can call 1-800-642-3195. For more information, apply online by visiting