NMU ready for change

NW Staff

As orientation begins and new students start trickling in to the Marquette community, The North Wind would like to take the time to welcome all the incoming students to Northern Michigan University.

You may not know it yet, but you’re beginning your NMU career at an exciting time in Northern’s history.

Plans for the future of the university’s grounds are being set in place, and as new buildings are erected and old buildings renovated all around you, it’s your responsibility to continue to renovate and change the ideals of this formerly apathetic university.

Last semester, after political pundit Ann Coulter was scheduled to speak at a campus event, current and former NMU students began laying the groundwork for a motivated student body. From soft whispers to a roar, the voices of students talked of world issues, politics and peace.

Free speech became more than an abstract concept or a phrase in a textbook, more than the foundation with which Hustler and Playboy have grown their empires.

With the impending arrival of the polarizing Coulter, NMU saw free speech in action.

The week of her arrival, the NMU campus armed itself with speeches and demonstrations, and the celebration of NMU’s first, and hopefully not last, ‘Tolerance Week’ began.

It’s the responsibility, and the right, of every student coming to this campus to exercise their own individual free speech, be it in favor of the views of Coulter or against.

The election of our student government representatives became a talking point last semester, as well, when Hobie Webster, a candidate running on a platform for change, was elected as the new ASNMU president. His enthusiasm for the office is a welcome change from the unimpressive ASNMU presidents of years past.

The NMU Progressive Roundtable, a group of students working towards campus awareness, made its debut in the fall, and three NMU students acted as delegates during primary elections for both the Democratic and Republican parties.

The university administration has also made significant efforts to make the campus more environmentally sustainable. The “Big Green Idea” was a well received environmental initiative that challenged students to devise more environmentally friendly solutions. As you walk around campus, you should be able to find recycling bins almost anywhere.

Northern’s student body began to wake up last semester, and if students need a big cup of coffee to stay up, then consider this it: get active, get aware and get out there.

Enjoy your time at Northern, however long you’re here, and enjoy being a part of this ever-changing, ever-growing campus community.