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4Reels club to host 24-Hour Film Challenge
Amelia Kashian April 18, 2024

Breaking Down This Week’s Biggest Games – Week Four

#21 West Virginia @ Colorado

Colorado has the look of a program on the rise. Meanwhile, West Virginia is still reeling from their embarrassing performance against East Carolina and has to be having some serious second-thoughts about hiring Bill Stewart. Still, Pat White should be enough to carry them to victory this week. Keep those couches burning, Mountaineers.

West Virginia 24, Colorado 14

#4 Florida @ Tennessee

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Urban Meyer continues his descent deeper into Disney villain territory every week, most recently by kicking an unnecessary field goal to run up the score on Miami. Tennessee’s got a talented secondary but unless they also start four silverbacks on the defensive line it’s going to take a lot more than that to slow down Tim Tebow.

Florida 27, Tennessee 14

Notre Dame @ Michigan State

Notre Dame is in unfamiliar territory at 2-0 while Michigan State looks to be setting up its inevitable second half collapse nicely. Charlie Weis stopped eating wheelbarrows full of tacos long enough to beat Michigan last week but don’t expect the Spartans to giftwrap six turnovers like the Wolverines did. This is Michigan State we’re talking about, so you know there’ll be some hilarious self-inflicted wounds along the way, but not enough to get the Irish another win.

Michigan State 24, Notre Dame 13

#6 LSU @ #10 Auburn

Exhibit A in uncreative SEC nicknames, this game features the Tigers of LSU going up against the Tigers of Auburn. LSU gets the edge in part for being crazy enough to have a live tiger on the sidelines at home games. Since it’s an away game there’s no chance of Mike VI escaping and wreaking havoc on Auburn’s pitiful offense, but LSU’s defense is more than capable of doing the job on its own. Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.

LSU 14, Auburn 3

Boise State @ #17 Oregon

As I understand it, after last week’s debacle Michigan has been forced to drop its football program and erase all records of its existence, Chairman Mao-style. This leaves Oregon as my new favorite team and I have a good feeling going into their game against the giant killers at Boise State. Enjoy the death wish, gentlemen.

Oregon 31, Boise State 21

Virginia Tech @ North Carolina

This game looked pretty unremarkable at the start of the season but it now appears that the Hokies and Tar Heels could have a lot to say in who wins the weak, weak ACC. UNC has been a pleasant surprise so far while Tech has redefined ennui, even in victory. Look for Carolina to pull the upset and emerge as a strong contender to win the Tiny Tim of conferences. Merry Christmas everyone.

North Carolina 21, Virginia Tech 13

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