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News Briefs

SFC receives money from Coulter event

The Student Finance Committee (SFC) recently received $9,960 in ticket revenue from the controversial Ann Coulter event held last April. When the SFC agreed to fund the speech, it was agreed that the ticket revenue would be returned to the committee. SFC Chair Andrew Foster said that a transfer in positions at the Dean of Student’s Office may have contributed to the delay. He added that the SFC wanted to pay extra close attention to the money brought in from this event. “Usually funds are re-deposited in the SFC no questions asked,” Foster said. “But since Coulter was such a controversial event, we wanted to make sure we knew what went in exactly.” The event was put on by the NMU College Republicans, but was funded by the SFC. Total expenditures for the event were $23,538.32. Jordan Schwarz, president of the NMU College Republicans, said the event was one of the most successful of last semester, bringing in over 11,000 people. The group was also happy with the financial outcome. “We didn’t really have a goal set, financially,” Schwarz said. “But we knew it was going to be a big event.” The revenue brought in will be put back in to the SFC account and redistributed to other student organizations. “The funds will help to benefit the student body as a whole,” Foster said.

-Sarah O’Neill

Seminar to be given on life coaching

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Life coach Andrew Bek will be introducing NMU to the profession of life coaching at a Skill Builders! workshop on Monday, Sept. 29. Life coaching is a newly popular “helping” profession that assists people in making important decisions to ultimately become the person he or she wants to become. A helping profession is not problem-based help, like psychology, where a person looks for assistance with a personal problem. Instead, life coaching is an opportunity to facilitate the search and expression of one’s fullest potential, Bek said. At the workshop, Bek will outline what is involved in this profession and then give a demonstration on the benefits of life coaching and a guided visualization about how a person can find out who his or her future self is. Bek says that he was introduced to this career after meeting a life coach, and he “was amazed by the power of what happened.” Afterwards, he took courses and was officially trained and certified. “It helps people find fulfillment; it’s the best job in the world,” said Bek. “Helping others lead a fulfilled life is what I consider a full life (for me),” he continued. Life coaches are people who can help others to find clarity in who they are and what they want to be in life. “It’s amazing once you find clarity how things happen,” he said. The Skill Builders! series is hosted by the Center for Student Enrichment. The life coaching workshop will take place on Monday, Sept. 29 at 6 p.m. in the Back Room of the University Center. Interested students who want to register should call the Student Leader Fellowship Program at 906-227-1771 or email [email protected].

-Lucy Hough

Group raises awareness of Alzheimer’s

Sunday, Sept. 21, was World Alzheimer’s Day and members of the National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association hung purple ribbons on campus near the Academic Mall and chalked facts about Alzheimer’s Disease on the sidewalks to increase student awareness of the disease. “Our goal for the ribbons and chalking was to spread awareness about Alzheimer’s because there is no cure,” said Ashley Susick, president of the student organization. The members of the National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association are currently organizing a group of students to volunteer at the upcoming Memory Walk in Ishpeming.

– Nancy Longtine

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