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Lily Gouin
Lily Gouin
Assistant Sports Editor

Hi! My name is Lily Gouin I am in my third year here at NMU. I am from Appleton, WI majoring in communications and double minoring in multimedia journalism and public relations. In my free time, I like...

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Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Students protest against Israel-Hamas war with campus encampment
Dallas Wiertella April 30, 2024

Letters to the Editor

Not convinced Palin is ready

I am writing in response to Ashley Harwood’s Sept. 25 column on Sarah Palin. It is true that Sarah Palin was governor, but like Obama, her tenure was short and riddled with few accomplishments. She was governor of Alaska, which has one of the lowest populations of the 50 states. So with all due respect, that’s not a debate we need to spend our time on.

When news broke out her daughter was pregnant, questions were raised about her parenting skills. Since she’s pro-life and for abstinence-only sex education, her beliefs contradict her daughter’s pregnancy. Whether it’s fair or not to be discussing (this topic), this is up to the average voter. Personally this issue isn’t important to me.

I also question whether Sarah Palin is ready or not for office. The writer painted a rosy picture, but where’s the beef? Are you telling me the same lady who said Alaska’s close proximity to Russia gave her foreign policy experience is ready to be vice president? She poked fun at Sen. Joe Biden’s age when McCain is actually six years older than him. She may have persuaded the writer that she’s qualified and prepared to be vice president, but her recent interviews haven’t swayed me.

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Matthias Cooke

sophomore, political science

Diversity efforts can be improved

As a past North Wind editor-in-chief (1975 graduate), and Hispanic student, I feel compelled to respond to the Sept. 25 editorial.

While attending NMU I definitely “stood out” with my very Hispanic looks. And while I always felt welcome at NMU, there were those whose comments were thoughtless. I remember, in particular, several at the university who constantly greeted me using the word “spic.” I had never before heard this term, so it was confusing to me. I look back, however, at my days at NMU as happy and productive ones.

May I make a suggestion: In the early 1970s Spooner Hall (where I lived), was devoted to housing male veterans of Vietnam. They came to NMU because of its location and because they felt a kinship with other Vietnam veterans. I dated and married one of them; a Marine who spent two years in Vietnam and had a dogged need to succeed when he returned. He tried attending Michigan State University in Lansing. However, he needed more peace than MSU could offer him and so he transferred to Northern. At NMU he found that peace and support.

My point is this: Maybe NMU could make a special effort to extend a hand to the veterans who are now returning from Iraq, or other military obligations. Some are seeking solace and a place to succeed after seeing and experiencing unbelievable inhumanity. The peace and outdoor beauty that the U.P. offers was just what my veteran needed. I am betting that the veterans from this war are looking for the same chance to succeed and contribute. And NMU may just be, again, in the unique situation to assist, and meet the needs of, the brave men and women who have given so much to the rest of us.

Darlene (Alonzo) Walsh

NMU Alumni

Palin critique faulty

(In response to Claire Abent’s Sept. 18 column.)

Look who is scared now — me! Abortion is not a new idea and remember half of those aborted are female. Have you thought of adoption as a better alternative? Hasn’t DNA proven the unborn baby is a separate person from the mother? Abent says Palin is exploiting the fact she didn’t abort with her baby with Down syndrome. How so?

Abent talks about political scandals with Palin, but where is the evidence? The Clintons are no strangers to real political scandals. What about the people Obama has associated with? Scary!

What scares me is big government, high gas prices and big taxes if Barack Obama and Joe Biden are elected. McCain hopefully will lower taxes, get rid of ineffective government programs, and drill, drill, drill.

How can Hillary Clinton be qualified to run for anything when she thought terrorists were firing upon her and her daughter until — the video showed up?

The liberals are running scared because Palin has a record of accomplishments that have helped the people of Alaska. Can you name one of Obama’s accomplishments?

Let the unfair liberal attacks continue because they just drive people towards Sarah Palin.

Bill Vogelmann

Marquette, MI

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