Important academic dates approach


Students under-performing in classes take heed: The deadline for withdrawing from a class with a “W” grade is fast approaching.

The deadline for withdrawing is Friday. Oct. 31.

Students withdrawing after the deadline will receiving a failing grade for the class.

Students desiring to drop a course should contact the Student Service Center, C.B. Hedgcock, Room 2201, 906-227-1221, for processing.

Students wishing to withdraw from all classes must contact the Dean of Student’s Office.

A “W” grade is counted in a student’s credits attempted, but will not count against a student’s G.P.A.

In addition to the last day to withdraw from a class with a “W,” Oct. 31 is also the start of registration for winter semester classes.

Registration is done on a staggered basis with students having more earned credits registering first.

Freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to meet with their academic advisors before registering for classes.

Class registration takes place online on the server.