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Amelia Kashian April 18, 2024

Dueling Columns: Pick your President

I can’t wait to vote in this election. Not only will it the first time I can vote for president, it’s the most important election of my generation’s lifetime. As college students, we will be entering the workforce soon, and the decisions made by the next president will affect us. Realizing the significance of this election, I give my full support to Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin.

McCain has the experience to lead this country. He has proven he is willing to put the country before his own life, something his opponent has not come close to doing. He has spent 26 years serving his constituents in Washington, while Sen. Barack Obama has done so for not even four years. Because of his record of dedication to the country, it is clear McCain will continue to do what is best for America as president.

Experience aside, there are many other reasons to vote McCain on Nov. 4. One deciding factor for many Americans this year is taxes. McCain’s plan for taxes is simple: Don’t raise them. He has clearly stated that he will not raise taxes and that raising taxes is the last thing Americans need in this economic climate. Obama doesn’t agree. He wants to raise taxes on those making over $250,000 a year. This may sound appealing to people making less than that, but those people don’t realize the consequences. Many small-business owners fall into that income bracket. If taxes on small-business owners go up, the price of goods will also go up. These are goods that middle class Americans will end up paying more for thanks to Obama’s plan. America needs a president who will not raise anyone’s taxes.

Under Obama’s plan, there would be fewer jobs available. Small businesses would not be able to expand because many small business owners would have to deal with their taxes being raised. Many would have to downsize, and there would be more unemployed Americans. This is not the American dream. The middle class needs more jobs and lower costs of goods. McCain will keep taxes low, he will not raise taxes on small businesses, he will lower corporate tax so companies will not be forced to gouge consumers to make a profit. This is what America needs.

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McCain has a plan to create jobs. His plan is to work toward energy independence. He will develop the use of nuclear power, coal and renewable energies to release America from its dependence on foreign oil. Developing these alternative energies will provide approximately 730,000 more jobs to Americans.

Another important issue this year is health care. While McCain’s plan is beneficial to all Americans, Obama’s plan is disturbing. Obama thinks health care should be mandated by the government and given to everyone at the expense of hard-working Americans. This “spread the wealth around” mentality is the basis of socialism, and I, for one, do not want to live in a socialist nation. McCain will do his best to get government out of the way when it comes to health care. He believes decisions regarding health care should be left to families, and he will give each family a credit to help them purchase the health care of their choice. The credit will be taxable, so those who earn the least income will receive the largest portion of the credit. That should please even the most liberal Democrats. McCain intends for those funds, after taxes, to be put in a personal health care savings account, to be used in the future.

Not only will McCain provide this refundable tax credit, he will also limit the amount of money awarded in medical malpractice suits. Doctors wouldn’t need to spend so much money protecting themselves from frivolous lawsuits with malpractice insurance, thus lowering the overall cost of health care.

John McCain is exactly who this country needs as a leader. He is experienced, and he has brilliant plans for America. On Nov. 4, vote McCain-Palin.

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