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My name is Megan Poe and I’m an English (writing concentration) and Philosophy double major at Northern. My concurrent experience with being published in and interning for literary magazines has landed...

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Take responsibility for online content

I was recently introduced to, a Web site that compares itself to drugs, stating, “It’s like crack, but juicier … Always Anonymous, Always Juicy.” Though I choose to remain clean, some Northern students have become users in the worst way.

These students are holding nothing back on this site that allows them to anonymously post discussion topics for the rest of the campus to see and evaluate. NMU is one of 500 universities that has a page on Juicy Campus, but Northern students should consider how they want to address a site that’s purpose is to push dignity aside and make statements that are often untrue.

Although only so many students are posting on the site, this becomes a representation of Northern – a fa’e1ade like this is demoralizing and unfortunate as people carelessly disparage NMU students as well as administration and use words they would never even think of saying in front of their grandmothers.

Northern students need to start taking responsibility and identifying themselves as they post, so that this will reduce the amount of blatant lies that are told. The anonymity of the site encourages people to say anything they choose without having to face any consequences, thus allowing people to make up deliberately hurtful lies.

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People may be using the site as a way to talk about people they dislike or to vent about things that bother them, for instance about NMU students or organizations. But these people need to grow up and deal with their issues the way any mature person would: move on or address the problem directly. Ranting on a Web site won’t get anything done.

An anonymous person on the site said recently, “That’s what this Web site is for. Naming names and passing blame.”

Under what circumstances does that make this site exciting for those who post on it? It is ridiculous that this is even a legitimate excuse for why people can post such outlandish statements and blatant lies about girls’ sex lives or who’s annoying.

Junior construction management major Josh Jensen puts his name to his posts on Juicy Campus. Jensen is therefore taking responsibility for what he believes, and is not hiding behind anonymity. This action goes beyond being brave; it is honest and responsible.

Juicy Campus has potential to be a valuable site. Some topics that are brought up allow people to discuss things in a forum that is impossible to recreate for the entire campus on Web sites like Facebook and Myspace.

Topics like cheap date ideas, when the Brule run will happen, why the rocks on campus are painted, and your favorite place to go if you have the munchies provide legitimate conversation without having to be rude and malicious; conversely, these topics bring people together.

If those who use Juicy Campus start putting their names to their posts, it will make the dialogue on the Web site more respectable and honest because when a person’s name is attached to what they say, they are less likely to say something untrue or deliberately cruel. It will bring out the best of what the site offers because it will then become an open community for every student to discuss topics that others want to discuss, and it allows people who want a voice to have one.

When people start putting a name to what they say, conversation can still be generated but the point is that it eliminates the bad things that are being said about innocent people.

Those students at Northern who are posting on Juicy Campus can maintain their dignity by taking responsibility for what they’re writing.

By identifying themselves, they will prove to the other 499 universities that Northern can overcome the Juicy Campus addiction and open up a dialogue the entire university will be proud to share.

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